The ultimate summertime hack

Stop wasting so much money continuously buying bags of ice! KoolerGel® products keep your ice from rapidly melting inside your cooler. Giving you colder drinks for a longer period of time!

KoolerGel® and Kooler Kube®

Mix it yourself with KoolerGel® or purchase a pre-mixed Kooler Kube®.

Up to 50% Longer Ice Retention

KoolerGel® can be mixed yourself, or you can purchase pre-mixed Kooler Kubes. Our patented bottle contains a pre-measured amount of KoolerGel® and is designed to optimize it's cooling power. All you have to do is add water, and freeze! 

The Ice Extender

Turn any plastic bottle into an ice extender using KoolerGel®. Simply add the mixture, fill with water, and freeze. 

How it works

Turn any plastic bottle into an ice extender in 4 easy steps!

Step 1: Add KoolerGel®

Step 2: Fill with water

Step 3: Shake the KoolerGel® mixture

Step 4: Freeze

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