Koolergel® Products are simple to use

Our products are extremely easy to use. You can either mix it yourself in 4 easy steps or buy pre-mixed Kooler Kubes to start saving time and money. 

Mix It Yourself

Step 1: Add KoolerGel®

Step 2: Fill with water

Step 3: Shake the KoolerGel® mixture

Step 4: Freeze

Mix in any bottle

KoolerGel® can turn any bottle into an ice extender. One package can make up to 6, 2.0 Litre bottles.


1.0 Gallon

2 Tablespoons of KoolerGel ®


2.0 Litre Bottle

1 Tablespoon of KoolerGel ®


1.8 Litre Bottle

2 1/2 Teaspoons of KoolerGel®


1.0 Litre Bottle

1 1/2 Teaspoons of KoolerGel®

Do not completely fill bottles with water. Leave a little room to allow the ice to expand when it freezes.