Fresh Groceries

Keep Your Groceries Fresh

Did you know that groceries like meat and produce can start to spoil after just a few hours if they aren’t kept cool? We have the solution. Use KoolerGel® to ensure that your fresh groceries stay cold longer. 

Great Uses for koolergel®

Grocery Runs

Great for keeping your meat and fresh produce cold during your grocery runs. 

Lunch Boxes

Great for keeping your lunch box meals cold throughout the day without the need for ice.



Tailgating on hot days can make it difficult to keep your cold food cool throughout the day, KoolerGel® solves that issue for you!


Keep your food fresh and ready for the grill during your camping adventures. 

Kooler Kube Mini

Kooler Kube Mini is the perfect solution for on-the-go and compact coolers. It provides a powerful cooling solution that can be used with or without ice! Great for lunch boxes and grocery runs.

Kooler Kube

Kooler Kube comes in a large patented container designed to optimize your ice retention. Use in large coolers to keep your ice from rapidly melting and save money by reducing the amount of ice you have to buy. 


Longer Ice Retention


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